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Your Blog And Google Plus Social Media Marketing


You have read about Technori and now lets talk about Google + in social media. Knowing how to invest in social media is knowing things that others don’t. Critics have sniped that Google Plus is a ghost town that no one uses. But is this actually true? Let’s take a closer look.

Social media, according to some observers, is a marketer’s haven. But are we actually targeting the right places?

When you think about it, Twitter has a few drawbacks. The biggest is without doubt the fact that Tweets can quite literally vanish within minutes. If someone is following 10,000 people, what is the chance they’re going to see that Tweet you slipped out an hour ago?

The advice here might be to retweet. And retweet. And retweet. And retweet.

But see how annoying that is? Well, if you keep recycling the same Tweet over and over, people will eventually unfollow you and your brand will get a bad name.

A blog post is actually more potent than a Tweet. It has the power to reach more people. But it’s my argument that knowing how to invest in social media is more about realising that there are many tools at your disposal and that sometimes you have to ignore the popular advice. There isn’t just Facebook and Twitter.

Google + in social media is more dominant than a lot of marketers have given credit for it in the past. Google plus social media marketing, when done right, is a very powerful tool. It’s flexible, user friendly, and allows you to be extremely inventive and creative with how you use Google+ in social media.

It isn’t the social media ‘ghost town’ that some critics have unfairly labelled it. Earlier this year, studies showed that Google Plus has as many U.S users as Twitter, and more visitors than Pinterest and Instagram.

Every marketer should be indulging in Google Plus social media marketing. It’s a no brainer. But you need to know to maximise its potential; you need to know how to invest in social media the right way.

Create A Google Plus Page For Your Blog

If you want to maximise Google Plus social media marketing, you first need to create a Google Plus page for your blog. This is fundamental. You can create tag lines related to your blog, and from here you can share everything you want with others.

Format Your Posts

Facebook and Twitter don’t let you add simply variables to your posts, such as italics and bold. Google Plus does. So use this opportunity to format your blog posts to make them stand out from the crowd.

Remember To Embed Your Content

When you create and post content on Google + in social media networks, the result is rather like a tweet or a Facebook post – it will eventually disappear amidst everything else in the same news stream. To preserve it life, you can embed the post on your blog.

Invest In Video

Video content is ridiculously popular, with over 6 billion hours of YouTube videos watched each month. YouTube is actually integrated with Google Plus (they’re owned by the same people!), so you need to invest in video content. Using Google + in social media in conjunction with YouTube will improve your blog reach.

Make Images Count

A powerful Google Plus marketing tool is undoubtedly the power of the image. If you have images related to your blog, you easily store them on Google + – and then share them. People love images, after all, and it’s a great – and easy – way of catching their attention. The advantage Google Plus has over social media rivals is that you don’t have to crop or resize your images before posting them. Fantastic.

Create Circles

You know the expression, ‘circle of friends’? With Google+ Circles you can connect with fellow Google+ members and add them to your circles, which are basically lists that help you to divide up your contacts. Then you can distribute content specifically targeted to them.

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