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Yenn, Japan

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Worst Social Media Marketing Mistakes In Blog Writing Ever


Sharing content is one of the most fun ways to get your business noticed online today. It allows you to communicate with your consumers, and offers a very different way of serving them.

But social media marketing can be downright hazardous. If you enter the world of online marketing like a bull in a china shop, you could run into trouble. The kind of trouble I’m talking about is damaging your brand to the extent that it could take months, if perhaps years to restore. Online communities such as Reddit, which has been self-described as the face of the Internet, may look like a very attractive proposition to marketers – and they are – but handled wrongly and they could result in some top marketing mistakes. If you bash away on a platform like Reddit, posting every hour of every day about your brand and what it offers the Reddit community, the Reddit community will quickly turn on you and your brand will be blacklisted. Reddit holds a lot of power. Let’s take a look at some online marketing mistakes in blogging.

A Slow Website

Social media is a great way of getting your content seen because users just love to share content. But uh-oh, one of the biggest social media marketing mistakes is to cram so many graphics into your website that it actually takes most users ages to download the site. They’ll quickly close it.

A Blog That Is Actually Out Of Date

Okay, so you thought you’d write about the Superbowl immediately after it finished but, uh, you got a bit too drunk and now, three days later, you think you can just write up about it, post it and people will read it? No way, it’s old news now, old chum. When using a blog writing services, one of the biggest online marketing mistakes you can make is to give people old news.

Wrong Audience Tone

One of the top marketing mistakes, be it in blogs or elsewhere, is failing to understand who your audience is and the kind of tone they’ll appreciate. You need to first of all define who you’re writing to and then research how to get the tone right. If you’re addressing teenage girls with words that only a CEO would understand, you’ll be conducting one of our worst social media marketing mistakes.

Too Many Ads

Okay, we’ve all seen the websites that are cluttered with adverts. Sometimes it takes ages to find the actual content and, once we’ve found it, another advert pops up. This is not cool, nobody wants an unappealing website that looks more like a Superbowl ad break. They want quality content, engagement – not hard selling.

Being Manual

We admire your work ethic for wanting to do everything yourself, but if you’re really going to make your content marketing strategy work, you literally have to make use of scheduling tools. Facebook automatically schedules all your blog posts for you, and to do everything yourself is actually insane and we suggest seeing a doctor.

Having No Brand Identity

Who are you? What’s your personality, your culture? If you can’t answer these basic questions about your business, the chances are that you consumers won’t be able to associate you with anything. If you’re nice and fun, then be nice and fun online, work on your business blog design. Don’t make this your top marketing mistakes.


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