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Baby, Italy

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Why Do You Need Starting Your Own Blog Writing


Thinking about starting your own blog is one thing, but actually starting your own blog is another altogether. Too many of us think about how difficult and time-consuming it will be. Do we really have the time to churn out 5 blog posts a week and not get paid for it? How will we manage that along with our job, our family, and our social life?

Well, here’s the thing: people are making lots of money from successful blogging. We’re not talking a few hundred dollars here and there. We’re talking big bucks; hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you’re good at blogging, it can pay for an extra vacation a year. If you’re great at blogging, it can become your source of income, meaning you might even be able to walk out on that job you hate.

Why To Start A Blog

Okay, we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves. First things first, you should write your own blog because you love doing it. If you have something to say to the world, you should say it. Most people create blogs for two reasons: firstly, they have information that is helpful and useful to others, such as a blog about recovering from illness, or dealing with an illness in the family. Secondly, writers start blogging because they’ve found a niche that hasn’t so far been tapped into. This could be anything, from a foreign football team to bee keeping. But the fundamental here is that they care for this niche. All bloggers love what they do and what they write about.

There is, of course, a third reason why you should be starting your own blog, and that is because it’s a good way to make money and raise awareness of a brand. Figures show that driving insane amounts of traffic to your blog can be achieved with a bit of effort. But to grow your blog to these kinds of figures, you need to actually be passionate about what you’re doing. If you lack commitment – or time – your blog will fall by the wayside and will be a fairly meaningless excursion.

So, let’s say you’re actually going to write your own blog. The scariest thing is starting your own blog because you have no idea how well it might fare. You might have expectations of making over $100,000, or you might be more content with just a few dollars for each post. Blogging.com found that in 2012, 17% of bloggers actually sustain their lifestyle with their blogs. That’s a pretty good figure, but the blogging world is really imbalanced. For example, 81% of don’t even make a paltry $100. So, why to start a blog? Well, what’s stopping you from being in that top 17%? It isn’t an exclusive club, after all. Bloggers make use of all kinds of blog writing services tricks, from info graphics to KissMetrics in a bid to drive traffic to their blogs and up their income. It can be done.

The key is that you’re a proactive, resourceful person who cares about writing, who has an opinion, and who is dedicated to getting their work out there. Your blog is not actually a business; it isn’t a shop people walk through. It’s a platform on which advertisers sell their services. To write your own blog is one thing – and it’s a fun thing – but to get your blog seen, you need to be almost as good at marketing as you are at writing. The beauty is that anyone can be successful in blogging. Just find something you’re good at writing about and dedicate yourself to it. Blogging can become a lifestyle.

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