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Why Do You Need Mobile Version of Website


Consumers want mobile friendly websites to help them interact with companies. They want to be able to access mobile ready websites on the go, be it on their way to work, whilst they’re sitting around on public transport, or even when they go to the bathroom. They use their phones a lot, and when they’re waiting around at a bus stop, they want to be able to access their favourite websites and blogs, or even do some shopping. But what happens when there is no mobile version of website they love? They grow frustrated whilst the business loses out on potential sales. It’s a lose-lose situation that businesses have to change.

The Mobile Era

  • More people own a mobile phone than they do a toothbrush
  • 25% of American’s rely solely on their mobile device for Internet access
  • 9 out of 10 mobile device searches lead to action
  • More than 50% mobile searches lead to sales
  • 74% of consumers use their mobile to help with shopping

As you can, a mobile version of website is paramount. In fact, it’s downright fundamental. Yet, incredibly, so many businesses and bloggers are missing a trick, with consumers insisting back in 2013 that more than half the websites they visited didn’t have a mobile ready website. It’s an alarming statistic, but it gets worse, with almost a quarter of mobile friendly websites not functioning correctly.

How can businesses in its email marketing strategy neglect one of 2014’s biggest trends, that of web 3.0 – the era of the mobile? And we’re not even on the precipice of this golden era anymore, we’re firmly in the thick of it. The internet landscape isn’t changing as slowly as the earth’s formation – it’s changing at a remarkably quick speed as it moves to mobile ready websites. The need for mobile version of website cannot be stressed enough. The consumer opportunities are too huge to just ignore.

Here is a quick breakdown of the Internet’s evolution:

  • Web 1.0 – Web connectivity
  • Web 2.0 – Web interaction – social media et cetera
  • Web 3.0 – Mobile


One of the biggest problems faced by tech companies today when asked to make the significant transition from web to mobile friendly websites is that the challenge of going from big to small is a pretty monumental one. Picture Facebook, for example; on the web it’s quite a busy website with lots going on. To downscale that to a mobile ready website is not an easy task. It has to be made user-friendly, because mobile device users are interested in content only. They’re not interested in the fancy stuff.

A mobile version of website has to be simple, plain, but eye-catching and engaging. Not always easy to achieve, but some businesses haven’t even attempted to smooth over and downscale their desktop sit for a mobile ready website. Instead, their mobile ‘friendly’ websites look the same – ergo, horrible. Dell became notorious not too long ago for getting their mobile version of website utterly wrong by lumping an intercept screen bang in front of the actual mobile site, meaning users have to press accept or decline to an offer immediately. Mobile users don’t want this kind of thing.

The actual advantages to a mobile version of website are great once you get it right. It’s a cornucopia of innovation in advertising and brand awareness. You get to know a consumers habits more intimately, becoming aware of their location so that you can cater your offers to a specific demographic without targeting the wrong people. Mobile friendly websites close the gap between advertisers and users, thus leading to more sales. The transition has to be undertaken.

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