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Cindy, USA

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We Know How To Promote Blog By Writing


If you’re serious about getting your blog seen by more than just your your mum and dad, and your grandmother who is asking where the remote control is, then you’re going to need to put some effort in. Just posting a blog and waiting for people to put their lives on hold to come rushing to see what you have to say is not going to work. Luck doesn’t really exist in the successful  blogging world. Occasionally, a blog goes viral but some effort has to be put in first. Moreover, a strategy or formula has to be implemented.

Quality, Regular Content

To drive traffic to your blog, it’s fundamental to firstly have something that people are going to want to read. If what you have is actually a damp squib that is a major turnoff to everyone, then, okay, you might have initially drawn a few thousand in, but guess what? They’ll certainly never be returning. Content is king, and you don’t just need quality content – you need lots of it. Google likes and investments in social media with regularly updated content, and there is no surer way to disappear online than neglecting to update your blog. If you post once a month, you can say goodbye to drive traffic to your blog and say hello to that one regular fanatic called ‘Steve’ who, in all likelihood, is actually a stalker and knows where you live.

You’ll have a much faster growth blog rate with regular content. Say, 5 posts a week. How to promote blog is not always the easiest thing in the world to do, but before looking at promotion platforms, get your content sorted first. And no filler – it all needs to be killer. Some modicum of dedication is needed here, of course.

It’s All About The Headlines

People love a good headline; it draws them, causing them to click on your blog. Catchy ways to start headlines included phrases such as, ‘How To …’ ‘Why You Should …’ ‘Top Ten Tips To …’ ‘This Is The Most Amazing Thing You’ll See Today …’ But, here’s the thing; you shouldn’t just be thinking about humans when you write your headlines. You should also be thinking about Google. This is because Google’s search engine optimisation is pretty awesome, and their spiders actually deliver a handsome amount of drive traffic to your blog – around a third, in fact. Look at what is trending and what people are searching for, and write a headline centred around it. For example, if the Superbowl is a week away, why not create a headline asking When Is The Super Bowl?

Of course, you need to back up your headline with quality content, otherwise people will never darken your day again and you’ll get a bad name.

Use Keywords

There is an actual science that exists behind SEO. Keywords are a fantastically useful marketing tool, and they’re a great way to drive traffic to your blog. A keyword is a word of great significance; they are the words Google users are tapping into search engines. If they want to know where to find an affordable leather jacket, they’ll type in ‘affordable leather jacket.’ If you include these phrases 3-4 times in your article, the search spiders will help you with successful blogging. You will be connecting keywords with your content.

Build An Email List

To drive traffic to your blog and engage in successful blogging, you can always rely on good old emails. Emailing is not redundant. Far from it. Instead of waiting to drive traffic to your blog, how to promote your blog can be easily answered by implementing a very simple opt-in blog writing services box which encourages visitors to sign up for an email list. Firstly, this will give you a morale boost. Just knowing that people care about what you write is fantastic. Secondly, you are opening up the world of communication. You are now interacting with your audience.


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