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Top SEO Mistakes In Content Writing


A lot of research has gone into SEO in recent years, with many various bloggers claiming they know all about its fundamentals and that their formula is the one that works. Many people call it a science and that to think otherwise is an elementary mistake. The only key thing to remember is that sometimes it works really well and sometimes it doesn’t work at all. And why doesn’t it work at all? Because you’re making too many mistakes.

SEO mistakes are more commonplace than we might think, so let’s take a look quick at common SEO mistakes that keep tripping people up, as well as top marketing mistakes to avoid.

Keyword Abuse

Okay, so to achieve high Google search rankings we’re told to litter our content with keywords. I’m here to remind you to be very tactful with how you use your keywords. Be sparing and potent rather than devastating and disastrous. If you clutter your content with keywords, you’ll be making one of the very worst SEO mistakes. Not only will you have utterly awful content, with awful syntax, awful grammatical structure and awful spelling, but you will be putting your readers off. Moreover, intentionally repeating words and phrases, especially in places they don’t even fit, is one of the common SEO mistakes that will see Google come down hard on you. Google does not like spam and it’s very good at spotting it.

Copying Content

There was a joke recently that a young school kid was told that he had basically plagiarised Wikipedia for his homework. He defended himself by telling his teacher that, actually, it was the other way around and Wikipedia had copied his home work.

Well, believe it or not, but one of the common SEO mistakes you can make is copying others’ content. Google will spot it and your site will disappear into obscurity. Keep things original.

Poor Meta Descriptions

One of the SEO mistakes to avoid, and one which is so easy to fall into with blog writing services, is writing poor meta descriptions. Or, worse still, neglecting your meta descriptions altogether. Met tags are really important and, like SEO itself, there is a whole science behind what makes one meta description successful and the other an abject failure. Some commentators suggest limiting your character count to 165, others suggest going for about 22o because it means you can cram more keywords into your meta.

Either way, the most common SEO mistakes here are complete and utter neglect of metas, which results in content creators duplicating their meta descriptions so that all their websites pages have the same meta! This is just wrong and you will fall behind in race to drive traffic to your site. Keep all meta descriptions original and relevant to each page. This will maximise your SEO.

The Wrong Keywords

Do you know what people are searching for on the Internet? Say you’ve decided to write an article about beaver fur, only to then discover that only 20 people in the whole world are searching for articles about beaver fur. What on earth is the point here? You can check out Google Adwords to discover what people are searching for, or even better you can just type something into Google’s search engine and Google Suggest will do the rest for you. Every time you type something into Google, you’re using a keyword research tool. If you type in ‘How to …’ a few of the most popular suggestions will automatically pop up, such as ‘How to lose weight.’ Ignoring these handy keyword tools are popular SEO mistake.

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