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Tips On External Corporate Communication Through Blog Writing


External corporate communication is important for any company who wishes to retain strong links with the public, promoting their brand and releasing any information about the business, as well as their products and services. Internal corporate communications target employees only with blogs, emails, newsletters and so on, thereby encouraging interaction and a shared vision in the workplace.

External corporate communication, in contrast, focuses on spreading news about the business to the outer world – ergo, consumers and investors. The news and information may take the form of a newsletter, direct mailings, press releases, emails, blogs, or even social media. Because external corporate communication is the link between the business and its public, a corporate blog strategy is important.

Benefits of Corporate Blog Strategy

The benefits of corporate bloging are manyfold.

  • Reach out to an audience
  • Use the community to help solve problems
  • Reward customers
  • Engage customers
  • Encourage consumer loyalty
  • More direct sales
  • Promotion of brand

To reap the benefits of corporate blog strategy, you need to know your audience. You, moreover, need to get suited to the idea that corporate blog strategy doesn’t actually have to be so corporate.

Corporate Blog Strategy Doesn’t Have To Be So Corporate

A corporate blog strategy, first and foremost, is needed so that all mistakes are ironed out, and any potential problems are forecast, analysed and dealt with. Branding is so important to any business, and any company that decides to engage and interact with the public simply has to get it right. Get it wrong – such as a blog littered with typos, or a blog that is too pushy and in-your-face – and businesses risk ruining their whole reputation.

Target audience needs to be addressed in the corporate blog strategy. Knowing your target audience will help you to define the image you want to project of your company.  Starbucks are really good at engaging with their coffee-loving audience because they’ve found a technique that really promotes consumer interaction. Because coffee is a drink, Starbucks hit on the idea of using their blog to ask consumers to submit their own ideas for drinks.

The concept took off, with the internal corporate blogging about the subsequent ideas. It’s a fun, easygoing corporate blog strategy that taps into the creativity of the consumer. The benefits of corporate blog strategy for Starbucks is that they became more appealing to their customers, got to know their customers’ habits – and hit on new ideas for drinks that would prove popular!

Many other corporate blog strategy are based around the concept of a fun, vibrant, user-friendly blog that encourages consumer interaction. Rather than simply release stockpiles of boring info about a company, businesses are tapping into the idea that associating fun with a brand leads to customer loyalty and more sales. Wegman’s, a food-based website, has increased its consumer loyalty simply by coming up with an active and seriously engaging blog. Even the president, Danny Wegman, gets involved!

The best way to reap the benefits of corporate blog strategy is by carrying out research. You need to get inside your consumer’s heads. Where Starbucks take a fun and engaging route with their blog, your blog needs might be a little different.

You can use all kinds of online blog writing service to help you out here, from Google Analytics to Twitter metrics, to Facebook Insights. They will tell you who is visiting your site (gender/age/country), how many times a day, what your bounce rate is, what your conversions are and so on. Analysing the data daily will help you to identify how your blog is performing and thus what might need changing.

More than anything, your corporate blog strategy has to be built around a few fundamentals:

  • Original content
  • Well-edited articles
  • No typos or grammatical mistakes
  • Implement call to actions
  • Strong articles with useful info
  • Inoffensive
  • Devote time and energy to your blog
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