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Technori Pitch Startup In Blog Writing


You have read about  B2B e commerce solution and now lets talk about Technori.Without startups, yearly employment growth would be in the red. The economy, in no uncertain terms, need startups. But the life of a startup is difficult, and lifespan is often short. So, in other words, the economy needs Technori.

According to its website, Technori, cofounded by Seth Kravtiz, is seeking to build ‘the best starter publishing and education platform in the world through curated content, expert advice, and a passionate network of tomorrow’s startup leaders.”

Technori, in short, aims to empower the latest startups around the world, giving them a helping hand, a bit of guidance and education and reminding them of the risks and drawbacks involved in launching a startup.

And boy, do startups need someone like Technori. Statistics show that half of all latest startups fold within five years. Naturally, there is risk involved, but on the flip side of risk is opportunity. Technori aims to help with risk management whilst rewarding those with enough get-go to take the risks in the first place.

This is because Technori and Seth Kravtiz know how quickly dreams can be crushed, and how the starter life is a veritable maelstrom of highs and lows. Back when Technori first started out, they quickly grew revenue to a whopping $12 million in just 12 months, generating an exhaustive 150,000 leads. But this incredible high was soon tempered by a demoralising low, as Seth Kravitz admits that Technori grew too quickly for their own good before falling apart. After that low, there were two years of hell.

But they sure as heck bounced back.

It’s this kind of experience and savvy that makes Seth Kravtiz and Technori the go-to guys for the dynamic latest startups who are brimming with enthusiasm, vigour, balls – and a whole lot of naivety and innocence. Think of Technori as the world’s greatest dads who are putting an arm around young baseball starlets who have the energy, the skills and the talent, but just lack that bit of experience and nous that comes with age.

Led by Seth Kravitz, responsibility is Technori’s byword. Just like the world’s greatest dad, they do not let their passions get the better of them. They want to empower the latest startups and help them realise their dreams, but they only take on the truly committed and dedicated. If they recognise that a startup is not ready, they will discourage them, turning them away.

What Is ATechnori Pitch?

Technori Pitch gives the gives five of the latest startups the opportunity once a month to launch their business in front of 550 people gathered in Chicago. The concept is simple and straightforward: Seth Kravitz and co want to give startups the chance to showcase themselves to a large audience, making use of start-of-the art production values and immersing themselves like a theater-like experience.

The event breeds confidence, helps the latest startups to connect with an audience, and gets their brand seen on a scale that otherwise would have been difficult to even contemplate. Technori have so far held 19 of these pitches, and have overseen the launch of 180 companies. Mixed in with the latest startups are the wisdom of keynotes. Speakers in the past have included Dag Kittlaus, Harper Reed, and Kevin Willer. 

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