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Modern b2b e Commerce Trends Blog Writing


B2B focus is changing from offline to online, with B2B e commerce statistics backing this up. The general agreement among retail respondents is that B2B commerce has pretty much already shifted its focus from offline to online services – including social media – as well as self-service, with B2Bs that are left behind gearing themselves up to make the transition. Indeed, 48% of B2B merchants in the retail sector recently demanded that internal organisations, if they’re to keep up with the competition, simply has to set – and meet – online goals. If not, analysis dictates they will fall behind. The digital channels, among them online, social and mobile, have fast become the areas where businesses eyes are most eagerly trained.

These B2B e commerce trends started not too long ago but rose rapidly. At the moment, B2B e commerce statistics show that 97% of B2B retailers sell online services and products. These figures are high, but they don’t tell the whole story. They don’t, for example, allow for discourse on the percentage of goods and services they sell online. The 97%, however, say they plan to up the percentage they sell online by roughly 35%, with those figures likely to increase further.


The difficulties suggested by B2B e commerce statistics are worth investigating, and may require a bit of dissection. 46% of B2B merchants in the retail sector acknowledge that it will be difficult to tempt customers from offline to online services, though 44% forecast that there will be benefits, such as an increase in return customers and enhanced brand loyalty. Moreover, it would increase sales online according to 44%, but would require faster customer service, as well as the need to manage complex internal overhauls, such as assigning people new roles.

Market Influences

B2B e commerce trends are not internally engineered, but have found themselves influenced by the evolution of the digital world. 82% of B2B merchants in the retail sector say that it is customer demands that are instigating the swap over from offline to online serve, as more and more consumers rely on their mobile devices for their retail needs.

Social media and online presence is also a driving force in the changing market, with B2B advertising now proliferating all over social media to keep up a keen social presence. Forecasts suggested annual spending on social media to have grown by 17% by 2013. More glaring B2B e commerce statistics that suggest the change is not internally engineered is the 86% of B2B firms who actively engage in social media, encouraging interaction and participation with clients and consumers.

The market, then, is forcing B2B merchants’ hands. Once one business starts, others have to follow to keep up, with 79% saying that competitor activity was the reason they made the transition from offline to online. The rise in mobile usage around the world is another key instigator for a change in B2B e commerce trends.

B2B e commerce solutions

To help businesses sell online effectively and efficiently, there are a number of B2B e commerce solution platforms available across the Internet. B2B e commerce solutions services the same as partly Freshbooks help with marketing, merchandising and selling across digital channels, including online, social and mobile. Because a few businesses might be finding the transition from offline to online a tricky one, B2B e commerce solutions are set-up to help ease them into the process. As the B2B e commerce statistics have demonstrated, it’s absolutely fundamental that B2B’s now enter the online world.

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