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List of 30 Best Fashion Blogs


Today, the best fashion blogs are one of the most sought after websites that any fashion aficionado wants to know about. Since fashion have continued to evolve over the past decades, people are looking to know about the latest trends or updates in the fashion industry. They would like to know about what to wear in a particular season.

The best beauty blogs online showcases the best swimwear you could around the beach during summer, the appropriate cocktail dress that one can wear on a formal dinner or the best casual wear that teens and even professionals can wear daily. The things that matters to the people of the fashion industry are clothing wears or accessories that’s sophisticated, elegant and wearable. Although some may look for cheap and affordable clothing, those who can afford don’t even care about the price tag.

Now, search into the following blog sites that would surely satisfy the needs of knowing a thing or two about fashion. This list includes the best fashion blogs 2015 that are followed and viewed by millions of people. Well then, let’s get going and have a look at those right now.

Top 30 Lists of the Best Fashion Blogs 2015

On this post, the best fashion blogs of 2015 have been gathered so that you can be up-to-date with what’s new and trending in the world of fashion. These blog spots would surely help give people an insight on what are the things to expect. Check out the following blog sites.best fashion blogs Pink Horror Show

  1. Pink Horror Show is where girl fashion gets into high gear. On this blog spot, Frances shows everybody how they can shop properly and well right on Madison Avenue. She goes to show how one should enjoy luxury items, especially those who can afford to do so.best beauty blogs Kate Loves Me
  2.  Kate Loves Me is maintained by a blogger based in London who goes by the name Prince Pelayo. Prince is a the type of guy that shows everybody what his style is about as well as runway coverage that people would like to know about.                                                 best beauty blogs Jazzimcg
  3. Jazzimcg is maintained by fashion blogger Jazzi McGilbert who is always running back and forth from New York and Los Angeles. She has always been a favorite when it comes to urban styles and trends.best fashion blogs 2015 Trop Rouge
  4. Trop Rouge is run and maintained by Christina Caradona, who is a model in New York. She lives a model and bloggers life right in the cosmopolitan area. Being model makes her a must-follow for a blogger, but her circle of friends makes the site one of the best fashion blogs and even more interesting for her followers to read her blog contents.best fashion blogs The Glamourai
  5. The Glamourai provides fashion enthusiasts with the latest trends and news about fashion. Thanks to Kelly Framel, those who love being 21 has a place to go for tips and tricks with what wear and what not to wear.best fashion blogs 2015 Ring My Bell
  6. Ring My Bell has some of the best beauty blogs of today. That’s because of Ashley Madekwe, a personal style guru and real-life actress.best beauty blogs Ring My Bell
  7. Viviere Bella is a classic, traditional girl from Los Angeles who is now based in New York provides a good dose of Italian glamour with a touch of a Californian, west coast beauty.best fashion blogs Brooklyn Blonde
  8. Brooklyn Blonde presents fashionistas with lots of quintessential and special style blogger. Helena, who manages the site, is born and raised in New York. She gives her readers unique choices for fashion.best beauty blogs NYC Pretty
  9. NYC Pretty, run by Christine Bibbo Herr, provides key factors that one must consider when shopping for the latest fashion trends.best beauty blogs Closet Freaks
  10. Closet Freaks, managed and maintained by Anthony Urbano, is all about personal style and menswear for that classic look and appeal.
  11. OMGEEZY enables the world of fashion to get a bold and fresh taste of Brooklyn. Louise does give the readers a massive selection for fashion due to her connections in the industry as well as local friends composed of designers.best beauty blogs De Lune
  12. De Lune, run by Claire Geist who is an Art History Student, displays personal style and red hair into her blog. Her latest collaboration for accessories have rocketed her to a completely new level.best fashion blogs The Style Rookie
  13. The Style Rookie has natural knacks towards style. Run by Tavi Gevinson, this blog spot enables its readers to have an insight about vintage looks with the use of cat eye makeup and headbands.best fashion blogs 2015 Dapper Lou
  14. Dapper Lou provides ideas for its readers to showcase their personal style, the right way. First uploaded back in 2009, it has grown to a perfect place for men’s inspiration about fashion.best fashion blogs GREASE AND GLAMOUR
  15. GREASE AND GLAMOUR is managed by Jinna Yang who is a street fashion blogger. This blog spot caters to the reader’s bi-polar style disposition.best beauty blogs Eat.Sleep.Wear
  16. Eat.Sleep.Wear. is a fashion, lifestyle and beauty blog spot maintained by graphic designer Kimberly. It’s a go to site when it comes to personal style, outfit and runway coverage.best beauty blogs The Fashion Eaters
  17. The Fashion Eaters is a must-read site when it comes to the best fashion blogs 2015 regarding bags, shoes, clothing line and other things about fashion based in Norwaybest fashion blogs 2015 Scout Sixteen
  18. Scout Sixteen, run by Justin Livingston, is a fashion blogger based in New York covering home décor, travel and fashion with the author’s personal touch intact.best fashion blogs 2015 CITY LAUNDRY
  19. CITY LAUNDRY inspires every fashionista today. Maria’s tips is worth considering, most especially when it comes to things that has something to do with school and teens wearing flats.best beauty blogs Atlantic-Pacific
  20. Atlantic-Pacific is blog site maintained by Blair Eadie that covers how a fashionista’s life that’s caught between some coastal influences. This blog spot has good insights about a sleek East Coast look and an edgy west coast style.best beauty blogs NATALIE OFF DUTY
  21. NATALIE OFF DUTY is managed by fashion model Natalie Suarez. She shares some interesting fashion tips coming from her designer buddies for the best beauty blogs this year.best beauty blogs I Am Galla
  22. I Am Galla is New York based blog spot that’s run by Adam Gallagher who displays his neat and elegant personal style as well as envious travels.best beauty blogs MAN REPELLER
  23. MAN REPELLER lets its readers know a thing or two about fancy styles that any women may come to think of. It’s a fantastic, yet unsexy to some men due to the hilarious post on its webpage.best fashion blogs 2015 Honestly WTF
  24. Honestly WTF is run by Erica Chan Coffman together with Lauren Kolodny. This website goes to show new inspiration and fashion discoveries that deals with personal style, fashion and beauty.RUNNING IN WEDGES best beauty blogs
  25. RUNNING IN WEDGES is maintained by Nicole Alyse that offers easy to wear American street-style looks with her daily dose of signature iced coffee.best fashion blogs 2015 The Spicy Stiletto
  26. The Spicy Stiletto shares love for shoes and cooking. Run by Serena Goh, this blog spot pulls most of her passion from creating a blog with the influence of the West Coast.best fashion blogs 2015 THE STYLE LINE
  27. THE STYLE LINE is maintained by Rachel Schwartzman, capturing today’s freshest fashionista look into her street-style blog with a wild variety of looks.best fashion blogs 2015 Alexander Liang
  28. Alexander Liang isn’t a household name as of now, but given some time, he will be. Liang is based from Toronto who loves to share a great sense for style and comfort.best fashion blogs 2015 WHERE DID U GET THAT
  29. WHERE DID U GET THAT is provides information about anything that fashionistas may want to buy online. Karen reveals all the unseen treasures of New York trendsetters in the fashion industry.best fashion blogs 2015 little Fashionisto
  30. little Fashionisto run by M’c Kenneth Licon based in Vancouver. Licon does manage to showcase what menswear is all about today.

There you have it, the top blog spots that fashionistas can turn for information and tips about fashion. These web sites are managed on a timely basis for its readers to have fresh contents whenever they visit it. Well then, take the time to check one of these sites today. Moreover, it’s worth visiting our site where you may get additional information about why do you need starting your own blog writing.

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