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Betty, UK

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Important Content Marketing Tips


Getting the right content for the right audience isn’t exactly rocket science, yet so many people get it so wrong. Maybe they’re thinking about content wrong, maybe they’re not taking into consideration the audience. Maybe they’re just too obsessed with driving traffic to their sight, where readers will be met with bad content that is littered with a flurry of keywords and absolutely no substance.

Any contenting marketing tips will tell you that engaging with an audience is all about building trust with them. It’s about making a connection with them, giving something they want and can use. If someone is visiting your website looking for information, they want to leave satisfied and fulfilled. They want to leave having learned something. They don’t want to leave in a huff, frustrated and bad mouthing you and your bunch of adverts, poor syntax and irrelevant content that has as much use to them as a piece of sea plankton. Let’s take a quick look at some content marketing tips from our blog writing services website.

Relevant Content

I can’t stress this enough: You need to know your audience.

Knowing your audience means you will create relevant content that adds something to their day. This will improve bounce rate and conversions, as well as boost your brand and will lead to them revisiting,  and perhaps even sharing your content. Relevant content is absolutely fundamental. To find out more about relevant content that is suited to your brand and audience, you can find out via Google AdWords what internet users are looking for. What do they want and need? Do they need to learn how to fry beavers? No, so don’t give them this irrelevant info!

Interesting Content

Again, this is another fundamental. Your content absolutely has to be interesting content and engaging content. If it is instead plain, ordinary, and boring, you will be turning people away quicker than a Mongolian silent movie. Informative content can be created by hiring the right people. If you are not the best at writing interesting content, hire someone to do it. Get someone with a bit of nous, a bit of wit and savvy. They’ll take your business to the next level with interesting content that gets shared.

Shares On Social Media

Not social media savvy? Don’t know your Vine’s from your leaves? Well, firstly, this would beg the question of why you’re involved in content marketing in the first place. Secondly, you need to get your content out there on social media. All content marketing tips lists will tell you this; image sharing, particularly on twitter, is a devastatingly good way of marketing your content. Tweets with images receive 18% more clicks than those without any images. If you have relevant content containing images, get it on social media.

Share Content Ad Infinitum

Okay, no, I am actually kidding; don’t share the same content over and over and over and over and over and over. You’ll just annoy people. But rather than just sharing your awesomely interesting content just once before thinking that’s all you need to do, get it out there again. What if a whole host of consumers missed it first time around? Get them the second time. There is no definite time to catch people on the Internet. So if you posted your interesting content at midday on Monday, try it at 5PM on Friday.

Change Your Content

Your seemingly relevant content didn’t work first time around? No problem, just reshape and reword it and get it out there again. It’s not set in stone that you’ll get it right first time around. 

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