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Freshbooks Integrations Content Writing


Freshbooks was conceived back in January 2003 by Mike McDerment, CEO and co-founder of the cloud accounting service. After growing frustrated creating an invoice using complicated accounting software, including MS Word and MS Excel, he concluded that there simply had to be an easier, less time-consuming way of creating estimates, invoicing clients and getting paid for non-accountants.

In May 2004, Freshbooks was launched, offering an easier way for professionals and small businesses to manage their accounts and create estimates which can then be turned simply into invoices before receiving quick payment from clients. Now there are over 800,000 users who quickly caught on to Freshbooks effectiveness for managing, creating and sending invoices and a list of alternatives to Freshbooks are available too.

How To Use Freshbooks

Accounting has always been intimidating to many people – even accountants. It isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do in life, and a lot of professionals, particularly freelancers, are put off by having to deal manually with their own accounts. The joke among freelancers and small businesses is that there are 3 certainties in life – death, taxes and accounting. Freshbooks offer a clearer, easier way of managing and tracking your accounts.

How to use Freshbooks is easy thanks to a remarkably approachable design that is friendly and engaging. It makes accounting look almost like something you look forward to. Everything is clearly and orderly arranged so that you aren’t faced with clutter as you try to navigate your way around the website and templates. Freshbooks help is also on hand if you’re really struggling.

You can easily organise your expenses and track your time by first registering your details. You are then ready to use the user-friendly Freshbooks tools. How to use Freshbooks will involve you first clicking on the invoices tab and clicking on the ‘new invoice’ button. Before doing this, you will need to create a new client, filling in their details. You are then ready to invoice them. You can then either send it by email or snail mail or save it as a draft. Again, if you come stuck here, Freshbooks help customer service is your friend.

Tracking expenses is also remarkably easy. You simply have to click the expenses tab, click new expense, fill in the details and then click ‘add expense.’ Here you will now see a list of your expenses. Time tracking, too, is simple. You simply click on the time tracking tab which will show you the time sheet. This is a monthly calendar. You need to fill it in with a project and task, fill in the details, press save and then, voila, you’re ready to start logging hours.

Apart from being easy to use, Freshbooks integrations means that you can implement a number of Freshbooks add-ons that optimise your accounting experience. Facebook integrations include tax software, such as SimpleTax, and project management software, including BaseCamp and DeskAway. Further Freshbook integrations include expense add-ons, including Receipt Bank, which truly removes all hassle out of dealing with your expenses, and Xpenditure, which automates the expenses process.

These Freshbooks integrations come highly recommended. Moreover, they’re recommended by Freshbooks themselves, who believe that our accounting process should be the easiest thing ever. The best way to do this is by making use of the simplest software out there. Freshbooks works in conjunction with apps to give you more functionality and allows you to do much more with Freshbooks.

Rad more about Freshbooks on our blog writing services website.

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