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Email Marketing Strategy Theme for Content Writing


Don’t Believe the Hype

Too many in business are being easily duped into believing that email is dead. Picture the scene: a poor old, out-of-touch businessman enters a meeting with a couple of young social media gurus/leeches who dazzle him with their hip PowerPoint and convince him that email is as dead as the dodo, and that he needs to concentrate all his efforts – and money – on the future that is social media. So the businessman throws thousands of pounds on a social media strategy whilst completely forgetting our fundamental, most-used method of communication – email.

I read an article recently in which a University in the UK said that email is dead, and that they get in touch with students via Twitter. Is social media like Google+ in social media or others services actually taking over the world? Will we soon be left with just cat pictures and Arnie memes? Nope. Because email is not just still alive – it’s veritably thriving. Emailing is everywhere in the business and employment world. Apart from being a universally adored messaging service, it’s also a document courier, a library of past contacts and conversations, and if you thought Twitter was ‘the future,’ consider the fact that many governmental departments haven’t even made the grand leap from snail mail to email yet!

Email is flexible and familiar, and everyone still emails. This is why businesses need to focus their energies on an email marketing strategy. Before you decide invest all your time and money in a social media strategy conducted by a group of phoney students who have convinced you that a cat picture speaks a thousand words to a thousand people, listen to reason and nail that effective email marketing strategy.

Create Valuable Content

The ethos that forms the basis of blog writing is the same as the ethos that forms the basis of your email marketing strategy: create good content. Not just good content, but valuable content. When creating emails to send to your thousands of subscribers, make sure there is something meaningful in there which will engage them. People want information, they want to learn something new. Give them something they can value.

Call to Action

Within your valuable content, there needs to be a call to action. What do you want them to do after reading your email? Where do you want them to go? Who shall they ring, speak to? With the call to action comes a reminder of a benefit of taking that action. Remind them what they’ll achieve if they listen to you. Give them motivation.

Don’t Email Too Often

Part of your email marketing strategy should be known when to email. Don’t email too little, but definitely don’t email too often. Your good work might end up being labelled as spam, or people might get so annoyed that they unsubscribe. You need to keep them in a good mood, and email them just a few times a year. Try to catch them at optimum times. Think of your content and your offers, and then pick and choose the right time of the year to send said content.

Make Sure Your Email Is Readable

This is an elementary part of your email marketing strategy. If you create an email that is jarring to read, no one will bother getting to the end. Make sure your format is clear, your grammar and syntax is impeccable, and that you have disabled all images by default.

Email Marketing Technology

An email marketing strategy is not always that easy to put into practice for large or small businesses, which is why email marketing technology companies have been created to provide easy, manageable solutions. Email marketing technology companies help businesses reduce their time and effort, and remove all the hassle and stress of implanting an effective email marketing strategy themselves. Email marketing technology takes your well-defined strategy onto the next level.

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