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Betty, UK

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Corporate Blog Website Design And Content Writing


Corporate blog design should not be underestimated. Bounce rate is important when it comes to conversions. If people click on your site but immediately close it because they don’t like what they see, all your efforts are going to be wasted.

It takes the human brain just 13 milliseconds to process an image, which basically means that it takes less than a second for a consumer to look at your site before deciding that it’s not for them. Before you know it, you’ve lost them and they’re back on Amazon ordering more goods. Even before they’ve had a chance to read your amazing content and find out all about your and your awesome business, they’re long gone simply because they didn’t think your site looked appealing and accommodating.

To reach all benefits of corporate blogging business blog design simply has to look nice. More important than yet another exhaustive list of cat photo’s on BuzzFeed is your message to consumers, but they’re not going to read it if you welcome them with all the dankness of the Adams Family weekend retreat. Your website is your castle, and you’re the host. Are you going to frighten them off immediately by displaying all the charm of Lurch with a hangover? Or are you going to build a well-lit castle, with a friendly fire bidding people to come in and learn more?

Customers want information from a blog; the want to be taught something, given new information. They want to learn and discover new things. By encouraging comments from your consumers, you’ll get to know more about what they want from your blog. One of the absolute fundamentals is that they’ll want it to look welcoming. How do you do that? Well, firstly think about your favourite websites. It might sound odd, but people genuinely enjoy revisiting forums and blogs because of how homely they look.

Blog website design has to be appealing to keep people coming back. It feels homely to regular users, warm and kinda special. They connect a visual logic to their favourite blogs. Corporate blog design has to be the same. It has to look engaging, welcoming, familiar and warm. To get some inspiration for your business blog design, you can do little worse than conduct a bit of research. Check out some of your favourite ‘corporate’ sites, such as Linkedin, or eBay. How do they look? Are they:

  • Minimal?
  • Cluttered?
  • Colourful?
  • Monochrome?
  • Dynamic?
  • Complicated?
  • Simple?
  • User-friendly?

Corporate blog design has to have some humanity behind the corporate logo. You’re here to communicate with regular Internet users, and you have to be able to empathise with them and their needs. There needs to be a personality in blog web design, and not a cold, machine-like operation.

The best designs for corporate blog writing service have humanity behind them. They have themes they take into account, an audience they take into account, and they hire designers and writers to help with them. Font size is paramount, as is the language on the site. Rather than verbose, needlessly complicated jargon, good business blog design speaks to people like, well, real people. It isn’t rocket science, and if you make it rocket science, you’ll be putting people off. Your web design needs to enhance your content as opposed to dominate it.

Ultimately, whatever blog website design you choose, it has to be relevant to:

  • Your product
  • Your audience
  • Your themes


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