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Blog Writing About Video In Social Media


It wasn’t too long ago that Facebook had just started, and everyone was finding their feet with it, adding old chums they hadn’t seen since high school, posting irksome messages on their walls, such as ‘Remember Me?!’ Then there was the dreaded ‘It’s Complicated’ relationship option that everyone seemed to be indulging in, as well as the constant search for our best profile picture that showed our good side. But then things got serious. Businesses saw potential to advertise and make lots of money. Investment in social media soared into the stratosphere. Now it’s the playground of the gods. In other words, it’s a marketer’s haven. It’s where content is shared, brands are seen, and – yes – money is spent.

One of the very current trends in social media is that of video and images in social media. After Facebook had established itself, along came visual media social networks, among them Vine, Instagram and Pinterest. People took an interest in the sharing of images and videos, with the lowered cost of data making everything easier and more cost effective. Moreover, high speed wireless networks became more readily available, meaning that video in social media became even more accessible, with the influx of smart phones and tablets providing a platform for videos and images to be shared and seen by billions.

YouTube might have less users than Facebook, but it was more online visitors each month. In fact, their 25% growth in users veritably dwarves Facebook’s, which stands at a miserly 2%. For this reason, investment in social media is paramount for any marketer, and in particular investment in video in social media is absolutely key. It’s downright fundamental. People watch videos. They’re not all that interested in rows and rows of meandering text.

Okay, so YouTube sees user growth swamp Facebook’s, but Facebook isn’t necessarily trying to attract new users. Instead, the really beauty of Facebook, where images in social media and video in social media is concerned is that it’s an awesome platform for sharing. Facebook accounts for 60% of worldwide video shares. It’s far more effective than, say, Twitter, which clutches at a fairly paltry 14% of global video shares.

Another interesting stat according to the trends in mobile marketing is that Facebook users watch 65% of their – wait for it – one billion videos per day via a mobile deice. Facebook is your friend where video is concerned because they’re on a mission to pretty much make video content mandatory across all news feeds all around the world. This may well be a reaction to YouTube’s domination of the online video market, and the numbers are certainly satisfying with video views increasing by 50% between May and July 2014. Video in social media has never been so popular.

But investment in social media will be completely errant unless you get things right. For best engagement results, the key is to keep your videos short and to keep them sweet. If you video is longer than 30 seconds, Facebooker’s may well switch off and lobby for a dislike button again. And, no, we’re not suggesting you have to dance in your video to get your brand noticed and your video shared. It’s just a suggestion …

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