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Blog Writing About Scary Halloween Costume Ideas


If you do a Google search for ‘black and white scary halloween costumes’, you’ll come across some really scary costumes for halloween that appear utterly terrifying in black and white. I mean, there’s just something downright sinister about the scary halloween costume ideas they had back in the early 1900’s. Maybe it’s the monochrome photographs, or maybe it’s just me, but halloween back then was definitely enough to give even Abraham Lincoln the jeepers creepers.

Fortunately, today it’s more about having a bit of fun along with the scares. There are, for example, blogs dedicated to creating ghoulishly fun halloween food ideas that really promote community involvement, for example see spooky halloween centerpiece. Sure, we’d all like to scare each other to death, but at the end of the day, isn’t it all about having fun?

What’s that, you say? You want to scare people to death? You want to know about some really scary halloween costumes ideas and to heck with the fun finger food? Well, hmm, okay then. Let’s take a look at some scary halloween costume ideas for halloween looks then.

If you’re like my mom and are a bit scared of clowns, then you’ll know that really scary costume ideas pretty much centre around clowns. I mean, it wouldn’t be halloween without a clown somewhere, right? I recommend the Killer Klown’s Fatso Mask as an absolute killer of a really scary costumes for halloween. Lifted from the movie Killer Klowns From Outer Space, this Fatso latex mask and outfit is just incredibly lifelike that it’s enough to give anyone with the creeps. Even those who aren’t afraid of clowns, like myself. To accompany it, you can also get a pair of foam-filled hands.

Continuing the movie ‘madmen’ theme, you probably can’t really go wrong with a Freddy Krueger costume. You can get the officially licensed Nightmare on Elm Street costume for a decent price, and it’s hugely authentic. If you ever saw the movie as a kid, you’ll know just how scary it can be to see Freddy popping up at a party uninvited. Just make sure never to wear this outfit to anything other than Halloween. Wearing it to work on your birthday, for example, is just a no. Just wrong.

For girls, how about bringing to life perhaps the creepiest female in movie history? That’s right, one of the scary costumes for halloween is undoubtedly Samara, the long haired antagonist of The Ring who doesn’t smile. It’s really simple to make this costume too; you can use your own night gown and you just need to comb your hair in front of your face. Then just walk around a party trying not to bump into anything whilst making everyone run for their lives.

Another costume inspired by a contemporary horror movie is Billy the Puppet from the Saw franchise. Both males and females can easily create this costume with a bit of face paint combined with suspenders and a bow tie. Then you just need to walk around with your head titled slightly to one side and a vacant expression on your face. I’ve seen this scary costumes for halloween pulled off before and it’s a hugely inventive one that takes pretty much no time to create.

Of a similar theme is the Creepy Doll costume. Again, this is one you easily create yourself and if you’re stuck for inspiration, just remember the doll your grandmother had in her basement when you was 5, and which used to stare at you with penetrating eyeballs, giving you endless nightmares. Make-up, pigtails and a frilly dress are the key components here.

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