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Blog Writing About Most Creative Halloween Looks


At Halloween, more than any other time of the year, looks matter. That’s right, I said it. Halloween looks as well as spooky Halloween food are important no matter how many times do-gooders will tell you that beauty is only on the inside. Nope, at the end of October, getting the killer look for Halloween is arguably as good as getting the food right.

I mean, at Christmas time, looks clearly don’t matter. Just look at Santa Claus who never makes any effort whatsoever to shave his ungainly beard, or lose a few pounds. He just lets himself go, and we’re expected to let him get on with it. So join us as we we get all ghoulishly festive and check out the best halloween looks and some seriously spooky halloween makeup.

Getting the right look for Halloween can be difficult; you’re caught between wanting to look freaky but not rubbish. You want to look scary but not downright terrifying. You want to be more Tim Burton than The Exorcist.

But Halloween is time to get creative. If you decided to go to be Edward Scissorhands for the night, but decided to make your own costume, there are probably are lot of things that can go wrong. But then, there are probably a lot of things that can go right.

After all, being creative with our halloween looks is what it’s all about. If you don’t know how to make a costume, ask someone you know who does. If you know anybody who is involved in fashion, or who simply knows how to sew, ask them to help you out. This way, you can be as creative as you like and customise your costume so that it’s truly one of a kind. And with Edward Scissorhands, well, we just suggest growing your hair for 12 months beforehand. And for partners, how about a Mr and Mrs Scissorhands? Just uh, make sure not to hold too many drinks at a party.

For girls, popular choices in recent years have centred around powerful women, such as Wonder Woman and Marilyn Monroe. These halloween looks aren’t necessarily the scariest but there is a growing trend among young women to dress as their inspirations. And who better to inspire a young woman for her look for halloween than someone she looks up to? With your Marilyn Monroe costumes, you get to wear the whole sha-bang; the white dress, the blonde wig, and the thick red lipstick.

Speaking of make-up, how about some suitably spooky halloween make-up? When you think of spooky Halloween make-up, it’s very easy to think of the ultimate halloween icon – the one and only Wednesday Addams. The ultimate dark-haired, pasty faced adolescent who doesn’t smile but who instead dishes out halloween looks that can kill and acid-tongued sarcasm. Her look for halloween is easy to pull off too; with a bit of creativity, you can apply some seriously spooky halloween make-up to top off the black lace party dress and shoulder-length pig tails with some some truly ghoulish whiteness on your cheeks. Time to get the party started.

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