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Best Tech Blogs in 2015


The Top Best Tech Blogs Year 2015

Been living under the rock for the past weeks and need updates with the latest gadgets and Web 2.0 trends? Or are you an IT expert with the knack for predicting popular technology patterns? Whether you are the latter or the former or someone in between, one of the best ways to get update with the increasingly exponentially changing world of technology is to search for news and ideas in weblogs. Some are run by top technology experts, some by a conglomerate of them, but whichever you choose, you will always have a good glimpse of a product or application and sometimes a gossip or two in the notorious Silicon Valley, among other things. Here are some of the best IT blogs 2015 that will surely have what you need:best tech blogs The Verge

  1. The Verge is a blog that was founded in 2011. Although it has not been around as long as other best tech blogs, it has consistently been included in most best technology blog lists. It was awarded by Brand24 as the Most Commented Tech Blog in 2013. It has one of the most artistic and eye-pleasing home pages in the blog arena and is notable for its long, exhaustive feature articles that entwine technology, science, society and culture.best tech blogs Mashable
  2. Mashable was awarded as the Most Interactive Tech Blog by Brand24 in 2013, along with the Most Combined Shares from Facebook and Twitter. It is updated with the latest gadget and news from Silicon Valley.best tech blogs Wired
  3. Wired is a web magazine and a blog at the same time. Aside from technology subjects, it features pop culture subjects as well to keep you in the loop with the latest geek news.best tech blogs GigaOM
  4. GigaOM was started by Om Malik in 2006, and it takes researches very seriously.  With its aim of humanizing technology, its articles are researches on possible business schemes built on emerging technologies.best tech blogs Gizmodo
  5. Gizmodo have some of the most hilarious and snarky reviews of the latest gadgets and will have you wanting to burn your pocket by featuring the best deals.best tech blogs Huff Post Tech
  6. Huff Post Tech combines and journalism and data analytics. It focuses more on the politics behind big-time tech companies than most other blogs, which focus on gadget reviews.best tech blogs CNet
  7. CNet is one of the more famous places to download free trial versions of every computer program every created. Aside from giving the best reviews, the editors also give dependable ratings on these products.best tech blogs Engadget
  8. Engadget is a blog containing articles that are its namesake – gadgets. It offers numerous features on the latest gadgets and various guides to help both first-timers and old-timers purchase the best gadgets and gizmos suited for them.best tech blogs  Digits
  9. Digits is a blog under Wall Street Journal that contains news for the updated geek tech.best tech blogs Read Write
  10. Read Write founded in 2003 by Richard MacManus, this blog features subjects from social media to latest gadgetries or anything the team of journalists behind the blog find trend setting in the world of information technology.best technology blogs The Tech Report
  11. The Tech Report has been in existence since 1999 and has many articles not only about software problems but also about hardware solutions as well.best technology blogs ZDNet
  12. ZDNet has everything from videos to downloads and the greatest debates on everything technology.best technology blogs Life Hacker
  13. Life Hacker is an excellent site to exercise resourcefulness with items from old school technology to modern gadgets.best technology blogs Tech Meme
  14. Tech Meme is a blog founded in 2005 by Gabe Rivera. Unlike other blogs, this one is an automated news curation service that links the latest articles from the best tech blogs. Thus it provides a less-cluttered way of viewing the latest news from top blogs.best technology blogs Bits
  15. Bits gives insight on “the business of technology” and is a blog under The New York Times.best technology blogs Business Insider
  16. Business Insider was hailed as 2013’s Most Commented Tech Blog on Facebook by Brand24. Aside from its technology aspect, this blog is also run by businesspersons and business analyst, combining business and technology in their articles.best technology blogs Tech Crunch
  17. Tech Crunch is a blog where readers can comment tips or pitch ideas and scoops for the editors to write. It is a very interactive websitebest technology blogs Popular Science
  18. Popular Science combines technology, science and pop culture and has articles whose subject ranges from selfies to DIYs.best technology blogs TUAW
  19. TUAW also known as The Unofficial Apple Weblog, it contains updates and thoughts on every nook and cranny of the Apple products. It is definitely a great site to check for Apple enthusiasts.best technology blogs Tech Spot
  20. Tech Spot contains trending topics about hardware, mobile and gaming.best it blogs 2015 Valleywag
  21. Valleywag are for those interested for the latest gossip in the infamous Silicon Valley.best it blogs 2015 MIT Technology Review
  22. MIT Technology Review not only reviews information technology it is also one of the best technology blogs to read intelligent, informed and well-written stories about robotics, medical technology and other more technical subjects.best it blogs 2015 Boing Boing
  23. Boing Boing started as a web magazine that eventually incorporated a blog section in its site. The writers behind this blog are journalists who have written for major magazines such as NY Times and Scientific American. Many articles focus on the wacky and zany side of technology.best it blogs 2015 O'Reilly Radar
  24. O’Reilly Radar is one of the smartest and most intelligent blogs about predicting incoming trends in the technological world. How can it not be when it is headed   by Tom O’Reilly, allegedly the best computer book publisher of the world.best it blogs 2015 Make Use Of
  25. Make Use Of is an easy-to read blog with articles about various areas of the Internet, gaming and social media made especially for the casual reader.best it blogs 2015 Extreme Tech
  26. Extreme Tech is one-stop blog for everything technology. The articles contain in-depth researching and the writers display their technical expertise.best it blogs 2015 Computer World
  27. Computer World offers some of the best articles on business technology, with topics including cloud computing, hardware, networking, IT management and many more.best it blogs 2015 How-To Geek
  28. How-To Geek is a good blog to look into especially if you are a first-timer in the tech biz. Its sections include a How-To Geek School, which teaches procedures to use certain programs and software and a Daily Tech Term, where you can learn words to impress even the hardcore computer users.best it blogs 2015 Geeks Are Sexy
  29. Geeks Are Sexy has article posts from humorous geeky references to computer hacks.best it blogs 2015 IT Business Edge
  30. IT Business Edge contains news that focuses more on the business and politics side of technology.best it blogs 2015 Google For Work
  31. Google For Work is a blog that everyone should read at some point. With Google being omnipresent, this blog teaches you how to use Google to your advantage.

There you have it, the best IT blogs 2015 in the web. Be sure to check your watch or clock every now and then because you will be addicted in reading their posts and articles. Be updated now! Besides, you may know more about best travel blogs or best fashion blogs on our site.

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