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And What Will Your Content Website Strategy Be?


Maybe in years gone by people thought they could create content and flog it to the nearest consumer with absolute ease, but these days things are different. Far from being a well-positioned fruit and vegetable stall in a market place where consumers will actively seek you out, a website content strategy has to be created in order for content to be discovered and used. From web design to informative content, you need to know precisely what you’ll be doing so that your targeted consumers will not only stumble across your content – but will actually take the time to read it.

There are a lot of things to consider, and for this reason your website content strategy should involve a few people. You need team work and communication, asking questions of others, assigning different roles and tasks to people whose strengths and weaknesses conform to their given roles.

Once roles have been designated, for me, two things are fundamental at the start of your website content strategy:

1. Web design

2. Quality content writing

It’s a cliche but content truly is king. If your content is appalling, you might well drive traffic to your site initially but it will soon disappear beneath an avalanche of better content. Moreover, bad, repetitive content that is quite clearly spam which took 5 minutes to write and 2 seconds to proof read by a non-native will be manhandled by Google and kicked into touch.

Web design is just as important. Too many content strategists neglect good web design, but it simply has to be implemented as part of your website content strategy. Looks are everything. As human beings, we take less than a second to decide whether a member of the opposite sex is worthy of being a mate. Think how quickly we’ll judge a hideous website.

Once you’ve decided on your quality content writing and your web design, you need consider a few more things:

  • Who is your website aimed at?
  • Do you have informative content?
  • Is your content relevant to your target audience?
  • Is your website user friendly and engaging?

Informative content should be at the heart of a website content strategy; this is a content website after all. The informative content you are giving out has to meet your audiences expectations; it has to leave them feeling fulfilled and as though they’ve really learned something. Your goal is to connect with your audience and you should know the main SEO mistakes to avoid. Is your website content strategy doing this? Do you have informative content that is making use of quality content writing?

Your site needs substance. It has to have an engaging tone. If you are unsure how to get the right tone, assign someone on your team to conduct research into this area because tone is hugely important. A teen girl reading words more likely to hit home with a CEO is going to click that little X button straight away.

Once your website content strategy has been implemented to the point your website is now live, your strategy has to incorporate the next phase; it has to govern consistent and the quality content writing. It has to keep on top of things, keeping the workflow going. If extra tools and resources are needed, it is your website content strategy that will tell you this. It has to include how you will build a rapport with your audience, getting them to trust you and using you as their go-to source of valuable information and informative content.  Read more about the quality content in our blog writing services website.

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